Hygge Home Ideas Your Family Will Adore

In the last few years, especially as the colder seasons approach, you’ve probably heard the word hygge (pronounced hoo-gah). Hygge is the Scandinavian word for cozy, but it is also a way of life and design mantra. The idea is to elevate your decor to create a warm atmosphere and a place to enjoy life’s little moments. If you are ready to embrace a cozy hygge ambiance in your home this year, these ideas are perfect for the whole family.

Create a Meeting Space:

The hygge home is centered around the community. It welcomes guests to sit and chat and encourages household members to take a moment to focus on each other. You don’t have to have a 70’s-style conversation pit to evoke a meeting space in your home. Simply arrange furniture in a way that promotes conversation. This means avoiding centering your furniture around electronics. Don’t worry, you don’t have to ditch your tv altogether, but instead consider hiding your tv to further contribute to a hygge mentality.

Add Soft Textures:

Make your space warm and inviting by adding soft textures throughout your home. Faux furs, sheepskins and chunky soft knits are the epitome of hygge. The hygge home is full of comforting items that soothe and ward off winter's chill.

Address the Lighting:

Since the Danes experience long winters, they know the value of embracing the sunlight when it’s available. A truly hygge design leaves your space bright and inviting. Avoid heavy light-blocking curtains or unsightly blinds. Opt for sheer white curtains to bring in the daylight. In the evening, avoid fluorescent lights to illuminate a large space. Instead, choose warm lighting options in divided pockets across your home or room. Encourage intimacy and comfort by eliminating harsh or sterile lighting options. Candles and fireplaces (though not always practical for every room) are the perfect example of hygge lighting.

In design terms, hygge may refer to textured throws, fire, candlelight and unfiltered daylight, but true Hygge decor goes far beyond simple aesthetics. Beautification is simply a means to an end. The real goal of a hygge home is to enjoy and embrace each day and those around you. This is a design goal everyone in the family will appreciate.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2022. All rights reserved.

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