5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedrooms for Better Sleep

Sleep is vital to productivity and health alike. Boosting your sleep can mean great things for your mental and physical health, but many people find great sleep to be elusive. Thankfully, a handful of simple upgrades can turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis destined to provide great sleep. If you’re ready to have a good night’s rest, try these helpful tips.


Trade in Your Bed

This may be obvious, but the first step to better sleep is to upgrade your bed. A bad or uncomfortable bed can cause a myriad of problems, from aches and pains to a night spent tossing and turning. Trade in your old bed for a new one perfect for your needs, and you’re sure to upgrade your sleep.


Go for Calming Colors

Bright colors may seem fun for a bedroom, but if you’re hoping for a better night’s sleep, opt for colors designed to bring you to a relaxing mental state. Vibrant and loud colors (think reds and bright yellows) are energizing, which can impede your ability to wind down for the evening.


Separate Your Work

With more people opting to work from home part (or all) of the workweek, you likely have a place to do some of your day-to-day work or household recordkeeping. If you can, keep this out of your bedroom. If space doesn’t allow you to keep it out, be sure to separate it fully and consider a screen to cover the desk or work area. Whether its bills or emails, seeing your work at night is likely to keep your mind from relaxing and getting to sleep.


Update Your Electronics

Temperature and lighting can have a big impact on your relaxation and your sleep. Studies show keeping your room cooler can lead to better sleep. Your lighting can also have a big impact on catching Z’s. Dimming your lights before it’s time for bed can help your body more easily produce melatonin–the sleep hormone. Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat and lighting system so you can schedule your temperature and lighting to adjust when it is close to bedtime.


Don’t Forget Scent

When you’ve reorganized and decorated with sleep in mind, there’s one more thing that can help. Don’t forget about the power of your nose to help you drift away to dreamland. Soothing scents like lavender, chamomile, or jasmine can help you create a calming environment during your nighttime routine. 


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